Insert Witty Title Here

There have been so many things to say since my last blog post, a whole six months ago! Whoops! I’ve half written so many posts since then, but none of them have actually made it out, so here goes. 

I’m now twenty seven years old, with a truck and a great horse and a good job and the most wonderful group of friends, a passport not nearly full of enough stamps, and most recently, a blank chapter in my life: the solo adventures of Elise and Fidelia. I have a newly acquired ex-husband, which is the end of an era and the beginning of so many new things to come. I’m not going to go into details, because it isn’t something I want to share on my public blog, but I also feel like I have too many friends who have invested support in our relationship throughout the years to not tell you in some way or another. 

There. The paragraph that has been the “clog in the sink”, the thing I need to address but don’t really want to, is out in the open. At least, a bit more out in the open to all ten of you who might happen to read this. Should you feel like talking more, you can buy me a coffee or beer and we can catch up then. 

Since taking this most insane detour, my life is still in the “figure out what the hell to do now” phase. I have jumped head first into my job even more than I have in the last four years. I moved barns this spring to be at Cobblestone Farms, which has ignited my love of Eventing again. I literally eat, sleep, breathe horses as my apartment is even above the barn’s observation room. I have found I love being a professional groom and have been kicking around ideas to make that a more permemant thing in my life. My old passion of jumping Atlas over fences has been rekindled thanks to the ability to school Cobblestone’s beautiful course whenever I want to. I’m even competing this upcoming weekend in my first ever USEA event, at the world record-setting Beginner Novice level. 

My wonderful, sweet, kind little Fidelia is still a huge part of my life (pun intended, she is quite the air fern and has a rather round middle at the moment). True to form, she is a Cobbler’s child and has been “neglected” the last few weeks as all of my time and energy gets invested into getting our USEA event organized. Doing registrations has been eye opening in more ways than one (snowy nights it’s the literal “keep your eyes open longer until this paperwork is finished”). 

So there you have it, an update on what the hell has been going on in my neck of the woods. I’m happier than I have been for some months even though I know less what my future holds. I don’t know exactly where the winds of change are blowing my ship to, but I’m sure it’ll be a fine adventure! 


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